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Do you want a complete remodelling of your bathroom? Or you need to fix few things and make some changes in the existing design? Whatever do you want to do with your bathroom; we are ready to put our creative ideas with your imagination and make something great out of it. There are many reasons for people willing to renovate their bathrooms; these reasons might vary from you getting bored with the dull look of the bathroom to the fittings of the bathroom falling apart. We make sure that when we design your bathroom; it will never give you another reason for renovation of your bathroom. We provide exceptional services of bathroom remodelling and renovation since decades. There are different steps and services involved to carry out the procedure of washroom renovation. In this article; we will be discussing about the services that we surely provide while carrying out the process of bathroom renovations in cheltenham.

Services provided in the process of bathroom renovation:

If you are availing the option of complete renovation of your bathroom then following services are provided by our team of professionals:

  • The process begins with the complete analysis of the place followed by the conduction of the site lay out.
  • After that; starting plus finishing dates are provided and the contract is made with all the administrative legalities filled in it.
  • Then the demolishment of the existing bathroom is done.
  • Plumbing, installation of wires and piping is carried out followed by the placement of tiles and flooring.
  • Modern form of bathroom necessities and accessories are fitted that suits the theme of the bathroom.
  • Water proofing of the bathroom is done as the final stage to keep the bathroom intact and functioning for the longer run.
  • The day to day updates are given to the owner unstill he sees the final results.

Small bathroom designs:

Small bathrooms come with lots of limitations and the designer has to make the best out of it. It might be a challenging task but professional designers like our team prefers to take such challenges and design the small sized bathrooms intelligently. They make sure to give such a a look to the bathroom that it won’t look congested but still fulfil all of the hygienic needs of the people. They make it look spacious and classy at the same time.


Our bathrooms are often in the need of being renovated because of their over usage or; because of their dull designing. In such cases washroom renovation is suggested that begins with the complete demolishment of the existing structure and replacing it with the much better bathroom layout. “Bathroom connections” offer their exceptional services of bathroom renovations for every kind of bathroom design; be it the large or small bathroom design.