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The pressure is an applied force on the surface of the media and Gauge is content of something. In the same manner, Pressure Gauge is an instrument which can detect the difference of pressure in a system. The Digital pressure gauge may be of many types. it can detect air pressure and hydrostatic pressure. While detection of air pressure, it gives a positive result when pressure is greater than 760 mm of Hg and gives a negative result when pressure is less than 760 mm of Hg. It may consist of burden tubes, diaphragm elements. It consists of implanted capsules technologies in case of quality pressure gauges. The material which is used properly for its instrumentation is copper alloys, stainless steel and other materials. The pressure gauges reading ranges from 0.5 bar to the 6000 bar. It can give an accuracy of about 0.1%. It can be measured in the unit of Pascal (Pa), mega pascal (mPa), kilopascal (KPA), bar, pounds per square inch (psi) and newton per square centimetre. Its working principle is flattened tubes when it experiences the high pressure these tubes become curved and thus dial give fluctuation in pressure reading. 

  1. Application of Refrigeration Gauge:
  • It plays an important role in industry and laboratory.
  • Dual hose system is more efficient than the single hose. Hoses are versatile and flexible pipes which expel the heat outside and pull the air in the room.
  • It keeps the temperature at it’s maintain temperature which is required to operate a system otherwise the reaction can be ceased or product a reactant becomes denatured.
  1. Application of digital pressure gauge:
  • In terms of hygiene field, it plays an important role in pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industry.
  • Stimulate the mechanical pressure while making pipelines and vessels.
  • It can tolerate the high pressure
  • It can be used for measuring the pressure of compressed air, gases, vapour pressure and liquid crystals.
  • Low Range Pressure Gauges play an important role in the biomedical field.
  • High Range Pressure Gauges are specific for high viscosity liquids.
  • Baroli05P High-Pressure Range Gauges are specific for those media requiring high cleanliness.
  • It removes all the residues during cleaning processes.

III.   Application of vacuum pressure gauge:

  • Compound pressure gauge has vast applications in industry in manufacturing processes. It can be automotive and nautical.
  • These are present within the system and prevent the system from the contamination of pollutants.
  • Sensors play an important role in their design.
  • These are typically used in paper and mill industry, petroleum refineries and other fertilizer industries.
  1. Application of temperature calibration:
  • Temperature calibrators give information about temperature differences by comparing it with the standard temperature.
  • The temperature difference makes a drift peak.
  • SIKA is a temperature calibrator which detects the temperature differences ranging from -55 degree to 1300 degree Celsius.
  • Temperature calibrator should be a portable device so that it can tolerate the different frequency ranges.