Precautionary Life Style For Your Safety

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Yes, although you may only live once, there is a fine line between risk-taking and reckless. The latter may even get you killed. It is important to be mindful of our safety while being a bit of a daredevil and having fun. So here are the overall ways in which you can protect yourself.

At Work

If you are part of the management or you have power and authority at your workplace then it is absolutely your responsibility to ensure that your company or institution has a safe work method statement. This is mostly used in construction sites and factory floors where the margin for errors and accidents is higher; however it is a good idea to compile a list of rules and practices that anyone can use because it will help out in the long run. If you work in an office and there are lots of computers involved, chances are that ‘accidents’ will involve electrical shortages and leaks or an elevator malfunction or an old-fashioned slip and fall down stairs. Instruct your employees not to touch the shocked person, or any of the wires unless they are wearing rubber-soled shoes and/or they are holding something that doesn’t conduct electricity like a wooden pole or a plastic mop.

At Home

For your domestic needs you can use a variation of the construction site safety plan template. Change the rules to fit the scenario but have some broad rules that can be applied in any situation and aim it at kids mostly, even if you don’t have them. Instruct people on where the phone is (“run to the living room – phone is near the window”), or where the first aid box is. If you are specifically targeting kids, tell them to run out of the house at the first sign of trouble and approach a known neighbour; talk it over beforehand with them as a courtesy. Show them how to turn the sprinkler system on. If it’s too high for them to reach, tell them to get out. Some parents pre-programme emergency numbers on their telephone and paste stickers of superheroes on the specified buttons so that even very young children understand the concept of ‘calling for help.’

In PublicThere are no guidelines or rules here except constant vigilance. Observe some simple rules such as never be on your phone when you cross the road; never walk into a darkened alley or parking lot on your own; keep your children within sight at all times (especially in the park) and never accept any favours (edible or otherwise) from strangers. These rules will generally keep you safe from serious harm.