Factors Affecting The Life Of A Battery

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As a vehicle owner it is always important to know what kind of factors affect the life of a battery. Every battery comes with a set duration. When you buy it you get to know that it will last for four years or so. However, sometimes you find that the battery depletes before that time is up. Then, you get confused as you did not expect such a thing to happen. There are certain factors which can affect the life of even the best brands of these power units such as truck batteries www.rjbatt.com.au. Therefore, thinking that buying the best brand will help you to avoid this problem is not right. What you should do is getting to know these factors and see how to move forward from there.

The Use of the Vehicle

Like a phone battery a vehicle battery also loses its power as you use it. The more you use the vehicle more your battery will lose its power. If you are someone who only uses the vehicle once a week your battery will probably last longer than the battery of a vehicle which is going to be used every day. However, not using the vehicle often can harm the battery too.

The Way of Charging

All batteries, whether they are car or deep cycle batteries https://www.rjbatt.com.au/deep-cycle-marine/, have to be charged too once they are losing their power deeply. You have to be very careful about this charging procedure though. It is not as easy as charging your phone. You have to use the right charger, make sure the connection is right and charge it only to the right level without letting it to be overcharged. The best way to get a battery charged is actually by taking it to the professionals.

Temperature Levels

The temperature of the battery is very important. Making it overheated can actually destroy the battery or shorten its life. Also, if the battery gets overheated while it is charging and you are not careful about handling it, the battery can even explode.


You have to keep your battery clean too. If you cannot do this personally at least take it to a service station and make sure everything that should be cleaned is cleaned properly. Low maintenance can also create different problems and shorten the battery life. These are some of the main factors which can directly affect the life of a battery. Therefore, if you want to keep using your vehicle battery as long as possible, make sure to take care of it properly and to avoid any problematic situations.