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If you want to calculate how much turf you require for a particular project, you can make use of the lawn turf calculator. You can use the sliders and check out the precise measurements of turf. It would help if you were sure about how to use the correct units while selecting the size on an online calculator. Many useful websites are offering this service to the user, and if you don’t have proper knowledge, the customer support team can help you. The calculator will give you a precise idea, but the best tip is to go for a 10% new turf for the wastage process. It would help if you chose perfect length, width, and units. If this isn’t enough, you can also select the shape are square centimeters or meters on your own. You can read the manuals or guides available online if you are struggling and have no idea what to do. Some of them are comprehensive and give proper details about the calculation process.

Lawn care E-book

If you need all the possible information about how to use a garden turf calculator from Pots Wholesale Direct, you can read the lawn care E-book. It has been designed by experts and gives you a lot of information. If you want to change the outlook of your home garden, you can use this calculator. You can calculate the entire area of your garden and check out how many rolls of turf are required. One roll of turf will be equal to1 meter. However, the experts advise that getting an extra roll of turf is also a wise idea. A lot of turfs are wasted when the project begins, so keep this in mind before you take action. If the order is large, five rolls of turf will be enough, and for a small project going for one or two rolls will be okay.

Check out the shape of your garden

The first and most important thing is to find out what way your garden has. Most of the gardens have a circle, square, or rectangle shape. If the garden belongs to a commercial building, it is better to measure the units first. The garden units can be measured in yards, meters, or feet, and the results will be precise. If the shape of your garden is a circle, you can choose the diameter for measurement. If the shape is rectangular or square, you can go for feet and yards for analysis. Once you have selected all these essential things, but all this information on the calculator and click the calculate button. Ensure that not a single patch in your garden remains empty and gives a clean and healthy look.