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Australian Ecological Research Services (AERS) have been monitoring many mammals since their establishment. Some of the mammals are Fox, rabbits, koala bear. Their monitoring programs are usually long-termed and with a lot of effort. The recent crisis of fire bush in Australia resulted in declaring that koala might become dangerous due to their loss of habitat. AERS have been involved in monitoring fox and rabbits especially after the bushfire crisis in Australia. These projects involved 1080 poison baiting.

Australia is a land with a population of about one million different species that are native. Australia is rich in mammalian species or fossil, the topmost dangerous predator in Australia is a Tasmanian tiger. It is known as that the flora and fauna species of Australia is different from the rest of the world’s flora and fauna.

Monitoring can be used to acquire more knowledge about the species or to control the bad changes in the environment or flora and fauna of Australia due to development sites. AERS have been working to take everything under control since 2002. They have a well-experienced staff that works only for the benefit of the environment and living organisms.

Ecology plays an important role in enriching our world, that’s why ecological research is extremely needed in every part of the world. As far as Australia is concerned AERS is here to help Australians or everyone living in Australia. They provide informative research and best advice relating to flora and fauna, and ecological research.

AERS provides us with the best equipment to capture wildlife animals. Their research is very useful to control and manage the crisis. Their research might include the utilization of habitats, home range and movements of wildlife species using radio telemetry and studies of the abundance of population.

Classifications of types of flora and fauna are based on regions and AERS work according to the requirements that are needed for a particular area and project. Their service is extremely fast and mostly accurate.

Flora and fauna are the two main components of eco-system, to understand the ecosystem we need to know about flora and fauna, and for this purpose, AERS is here to provide us with the best advice and service since their establishment.

Flora and fauna are so important for humans that we humans can’t even think about spending our lives without them. We all depend on them for food, water, air and many more things. Oxygen is the first necessity of humans to live, which is produced by plants (FLORA). Every bit of every single plant offers something great to this world, and to make this even more efficient AERS are always here to guide us.

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