What Should Be Taken Into Account When Building A New Deck?

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Extending your home can be a difficult process for those who are lacking space. Nevertheless, if you got a large garden just outside and plenty of space to install a new wooden deck, there is still a chance for you to include a large outdoor living space into your home design. Simply get involved in building a new deck and enjoy your new view of the garden! Having said that, building a new wooden deck is not a task you should take so lightly, especially if you want to ensure long-term usage and aesthetic appeal. Some considerations need to be made both prior and during the building process to ensure you are getting the most out of this project. Here are several factors that need to be taken into account in order to end up with a quality deck that will make your neighbors envious:

Pick Quality Fasteners
Fasteners or screws are what will hold your wooden planks together to form a mighty deck, so you will obviously want to choose high-quality materials for this task. To prevent issues such as corrosion damage, always go for https://www.prendergastfasteners.com.au/stainless-steel-decking-screws-brisbane-australia/ (or any other material that has high corrosion resistance). This way, you won’t have to replace screws every now and then, plus you don’t have to worry about your wooden planks getting loose either.

Go Multi-Level
If you have sufficient space, always go multi-level with your deck to create a living space that is perfect for a get-together and parties of all kinds. Multi-level decks are also a great solution to hide existing design inconsistencies of your house, such as hiding an ugly flight of stairs that doesn’t make much sense with the addition of your new deck.


Ensure Proper Maintenance
If you did choose quality stainless steel screws and bolts and wooden boards, there are very few chances of your deck failing over a short period of time. Nevertheless, make sure you actually maintain your deck properly. If you spot any sign of damage to one of your planks, immediately get it replaced to avoid the other boards from getting damaged as well. Also, take care to apply sealants to protect your wooden surfaces from water damage and moisture.

Decorate with Furniture and Plant Life
A newly built wooden deck might look empty, but that is exactly how it is supposed to look at this point! What you have to do now is add some color and atmosphere by purchasing a nice looking set of outdoor furniture or a few potted plants to go with your selected design choices.

Provide Some Cover
If you want part of your deck to be sheltered, you should install something like wooden pergola to achieve your objective. This way, you don’t have to always remain outside when relaxing. If the sunlight is too intense for your liking, there is always a shady area where you can take a quick nap to recharge your batteries.