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Every person is not criminal, every person is not fraud, every person is not a cheater and every person is not a culprit it is just a myth sometimes a person face difficulties and some false allegation and in that case, the lawyer is the person who can help a person to get justice. The best human among all is that who accept his mistake and own the mistake and make promise in the future he will not do the same and become a good person these kind of people are very rare to find but If you are a criminal lawyer and meet a person who already commits the crime and ready to take the punishment to take a case and defend them because there apologize is worthy and make them promise that they will not do this again.  

Property issue  

The property issue is very common in most of the families, where the member of the family fights over the property. Some of the people want their share and want to move out from the family because they want to live their life without any interruption and some of the people want their share when the owner of the property died without any will here all the problem start and all the members start fighting in that case a lawyer needed who can guide them solve the problem and give the property to the righteous person. For example, you live in a joint family with parents, grandparent and an uncle and all the property is on the name of grandparent one days he passed away without any will now the fights begin between your father and uncle both wants to own a property without any share in that case you need to play your part sensibility and hire a lawyer who can solve this problem legally and share the property half in both the brothers so that they will not claim each other latterly. 

Driving after heavy drink  

Driving is prohibited if you have drink alcohol because you are not in your senses after few drinks and if you drive after drinking you will be punished by the cobs and you need to hire a drink driving lawyers Melbourne who can save you because you didn’t drink purposely.  


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