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A good way to spruce up your garden is by adding paving blocks. There are so many types of paving available right now with different styles, textures, colours, sizes, shapes etc. Each one has its pros and cons. They are effective for a variety of purposes such as making a driveway, creating a feature in your garden, creating pathways through the garden, marking boundaries etc. By coming up with your own design, you will be able to create a uniquely individual pattern for your garden.

You can use some old street stones in your garden. Old stone has a lot of character in it. They may not be the same shape but the variety will help create individuality. You can use curbstones across your garden to give the impression of a greater width. An affordable way to brighten up your garden is by adding pebble paving. The permeable paving option allows water to soak through the material and into the ground. This will prevent water run off or the pooling of water in certain places. This will be quite a natural look as well. It will go well with a simplistic garden design. You can create paths or small areas where you can have seating.

When it comes to permeable paving options, another example is resin bound paving. It has resin and aggregate stones. You can use it on driveways as well. You can also look for greener options in this type of paving where you have natural aggregate mixed with recycled rubber blends. Paving stones come in a variety of colours and textures. If you have dull tones in a garden, you can add some paving blocks with colour
to liven it up. For example, you can go for a combination of grey limestone and bright paving stones. This contrast will create a lovely aesthetic.You should also play with different patterns. It can be boring when you go for a uniform pattern. They are fine in formal environments but you have the freedom to unleash your creativity when it comes to designing your home garden and landscaping. You can create a design that gives an impression of constant movement and rhythm by installing paving units on a 45 degree angle. You can also use nontraditional forms of paving. One such example is irregular concrete pieces. This will give a roughhewn look for your garden. You can even create a rustic or a classic look by adding old brick pavers. They carry a touch of warmth and the varying shades of red will create a lovely masterpiece. Visit this link to find out the right permeable paving DIY kits.