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Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding hire equipment is very easy for our qualified and trained assembly team to erect, also you can do it yourself, No tools are required to assemble or dismantle. Wide range of towers is available at our end so you can choose any of these as per your requirement and there is also option of our specialist’s design, which is qualified, and it is complete customized solution. You can survey our photo gallery at our website www.perthaluminiumscaffolds.com.au.

Aluminium Towers – off the shelf

You should beware about the advantages of Perth Aluminium Scaffold’s Mobile Tower Scaffolds.

 as a base frame, every frame is ideal; also, every frame is a building frame and guardrail frame.

 Frame life is longer due to the extra wall thickness.

 Internal joints are swaged there is no involvement of welding.

 Step fixing is unique i.e. 400mm.

 Castors are adjustable 200mm.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds are used by below listed (but many others can also use).

 Contractors

 Builders

 Ceiling Fixers

 Plumbers

 Painters

 Interior Liners

Mobile rental

All our scaffold frame building is built in-house as we do not outsource any of our products. Reason for building every aluminium scaffold frame in-house is to ensure the 100% control over the quality and to apply the Australian safety standard completely. Prices are set to competitive that are not beatable by any of the competitor available in the market you can save lot of money by choosing us but you will get also a highest quality results.

At this time, Perth Aluminium Scaffolds is providing best scaffolding hire systems solution to the clients of the Perth that includes swing stage and Aluminium Kwikstage options. You can contact us any time for hiring of the different types of scaffoldings at very affordable prices that will not disturb your budget limits. Do not wait to dial our number 08 9445 2033 or visit our website to fill out the form along with your requirement and we will provide you best solution at very earliest. Perth Aluminium Scaffolds is the leader of the companies inside the Perth.


  • When you have thought about buying aluminium mobile Scaffolds well then there is a thing where you have to build it up so always buy those who can give you clear instruction on building.
  • Trust us we have seen people making huge mistakes when they don’t follow instructions or when instructions are not clear to follow, it can even take someone to build it around a day or two but if you have clear view of everything well then it won’t take time.
  • Well another thing that might interest you is that when you buy an aluminium mobile Scaffolds well look for after sale service and warranty so that you can have peace of mind about a product.

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