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bathroom vanity units

Are you hoping to make your bathroom more functional and presentable? The skilled and well-known staffs at bombora custom furniture have worked hard for more than 15 years to provide only the greatest fixtures and supplies to create the bathroom you’ve always desired. Our bathroom vanity units in Melbourne may transform your dreary and worn-out bathroom into a timeless and beautiful area because they are made of strong and visually appealing materials. When remodelling your bathroom, don’t forget the significance of vanity units. The team at bombora custom furniture is happy to develop and produce a variety of stunning and cutting-edge bathroom vanity units that Sydney homes and businesses may use. We are committed to helping our customers live comfortably and stylishly. To order to give you a practical and modern fixture, our staff can precisely create your new vanity unit to match any current style and fit into any bathroom layout. Whether you’re looking for freestanding or wall-hung bathroom vanity units, our knowledgeable team can explain the numerous advantages and features of each option, guiding you toward the best decision that offers the ideal fit for your bathroom. Bathroom vanities units that have been professionally fitted and designed can help you make more room in your bathroom, making them the ideal choice for compact flats or office spaces. The bathroom’s expanded storage capacity allows you to transfer objects off shelves or benches, decluttering the room and improving the design flow to make it more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. We’re happy to supply top-notch, contemporary bathroom vanity units from Melbourne to homes and companies in Brisbane and Adelaide in addition to Sydney. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the bombora custom furniture team when you’re looking for “bathroom vanity units near me” to learn how our in-demand goods and services may aid to revamp your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity types

For guest bathrooms, single bathroom vanities are perfect since they pack a lot of elegance into a small space. Choose from free-standing units with contemporary conveniences that you and your guests will adore, attractive wall-mounted designs, or pedestal types. In your master bathroom, place two single vanities side by side with a linen tower in the middle for a truly magnificent appearance. Having morning struggles getting to the sink or finding a counter space? A double bathroom vanity is an improvement. Double sink vanities are ideal for master bathrooms or shared children’s bathrooms because they provide plenty of storage space for towels and toiletries, clearing up your countertops and helping you stay more organised.

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities stand out boldly and stylishly in any bathroom thanks to its distinct floating appearance. Wall-mounted vanities, which come in single and double sink options, are a terrific way to give the impression that your bathroom is bigger and more open. Free-standing vanities, in contrast to wall-hung vanities, rest on robust bases or legs, making them potentially easier for do-it-yourself remodelers to install. It is simple to choose one that fits the other furniture in your home because they are frequently made to resemble armoires or console tables and are available in both traditional and modern styles. Please visit for more information.