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ALS automotive has been offering the services of car repairs in South Melbourne and surrounding. We are into this business for more than 30 years. Three decades simply means that people trust us and our clients only come to us for the repair services. They make us a huge success in the vicinity of Melbourne. People know us by their name. We provide quality services to our clients. We know that car is a thing which needs service after every six months.

The Reasons

There are many reasons that people choose us for repair services over other mechanics. Let’s have a look at the various aspects.

  • Latest Scan Tools:

We have scan tools and technology to find out what is the actual issue. Technology plays a vital role in all the fields. Likewise, there is a good room for technology in this field also. There are many mechanics and service provider who are not using the scan tools and machinery to point out the issue. So, we have a plus point here.

  • Experienced Mechanics:

We have experienced people who are working with us. Training sessions also conduct for the new researches and usage of technology under ALS automotive. We make sure in each step of our business that we assure quality through our services and staff. Satisfaction of clients come first.

  • Know the Issue:

Knowing the issues in a car is the core purpose. Unlike others, we don’t judge the issues. We first, analyse a car or a vehicle which has brough us for repair purpose. We analyse it and come to know exactly what the issue is. Only then, we start the repair procedures.

  • Wide Range of Services:

We provide wide range of services. We deal in the services of European cars as well. If you have a car which is European made then you can easily come to us. We provide the services of European repairs.

  • Focus on Results:

Our main target is to make a vehicle as a new one. We don’t believe in short cuts. We provide the services which give long term results. A solution for a time being is not worth spending money. We care for your time and money.

  • Affordable Services:

We provide affordable services. We know that vehicle itself is an expensive thing. If you have met an accident or something happened to you then you can come to us.

  • Status of Work:

Clients can track the status of work. Our team keeps on updating a client about the progress of a vehicle repair.

So, if you want your vehicle to be repaired or you want to get VW repairs then come to us. We have a good package for you.