Setting Up An Ideal Guest Room

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Whether you have friends or family visiting you want them to be as comfortable as possible. If you want to provide them with the perfect room here are some ways to do so.  When your guests arrive they need to be able to settle down easily and rest after hours of travel. They would not like to deal with a messy room therefore you should clean the guest room from top to bottom. Dust all the furniture, clean cobwebs, and vacuum carpets and mop the floors. If the room hasn’t been opened in a while it is best to air it out before guests arrive so fresh air is available inside. Keeping a trashcan in the room will allow the guests to throw any trash without having to leave the room. Make sure to keep the bathroom clean as this is very important. Having a hamper nearby can provide a space for dirty clothes which will otherwise be placed around the room.

Make it Comfy

A comfortable bed can provide your guests much needed sleep. It is important to have fresh sheets and pillowcases in place beforehand especially if the room hasn’t been used recently. You can provide extra pillows so that your guests can choose as much as they want. You can also provide extra blankets so that your guests won’t have to trouble themselves asking for them. If there is enough space you can place a comfortable sofa or chair to provide a reading space. Adding small pillows can add to the comfort.

Providing Enough Space

Having enough space for your guest’s belongings will ensure that the room does not get cluttered. You can provide space in the closet by adding plenty of hangers or you can add a hook against the door as a place to hang bags and coats. Adding a luggage rack will allow the guests to reach their suitcases with ease and they won’t have to place them on the floor.

If the bathroom is shared with the other people in the house it is important to keep it clean at all times. If you want to give your bathroom a new look before guests arrive you can make plans for bathroom renovations at Hawkesbury. If there is an adjoining bathroom it is important to take care of this place too. There needs to be enough space for anything the guest might bring such as shampoo bottles and body washes. If you want to go a step further and provide additional comfort you can invest in ensuite renovations at Hills District.

Place lamps near the bed for late night reading. Adding flowers can be a great way to welcome your guests. You can provide things that your guests might forget to bring such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and shaving soap in a basket in the room. Placing a few scented candles beforehand will mean that your guests will arrive to a pleasant smelling room. Keep a tray on the bedside table for small things like watches, jewelry and phones. This way they won’t be easy to misplace.