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We are slowly depleting this whole planet off its resources and we need to switch to a more planet friendly substitute for everything in life to be able to preserve what we have left. Not only are we used the resources from our planet rapidly, but instead of giving it care, we are destroying the environment with hazardous chemical fumes and tons of plastic waste in the seas. But with even the smallest of changes, we can bring about a better age, even if the changes will only slightly delay our planet’s devastation, but maybe the change will bring about bigger changes in the future. Like for instance using less resource from the planet and use recycling materials. Or material that will not harm our sea life or something that will not produce chemical fumes when burned.

Replacing Plastic

Paper is a great resource, it is in abundance, and best thing of all, it does not produce toxic fumes when burnt and it decomposes way faster than plastic ever could. We need to see where we could use great reinforced paper instead of plastic in our daily lives. Paper bags instead of plastic ones for a change, they are more charming than plastic bags anyways and durable as well. They are also able to absorb moisture and oil better, so best thing to carry your foods in. Another great place to use paper is cups, with insulated paper coffee cups that are easily available, very affordable and in fashion these days. 

Easy to Dispose

Single wall coffee cups are great for office coffee, you as employees of a workplace will be saving great amount of plastic waste by using food grade enviro cups in nz or biodegradable one. It is a great initiative to start with, not to mention it is fairly affordable and very much stylish than a normal plastic cup would have been. Best part, just put it in the recycle waste bin and not worry about destroying the planet with an overabundance of plastic waste in the seas.

Budget Friendly While Saving the Planet

Another great place to have single wall coffee cups is when you are throwing parties frequently, they are strong, light weight, greatly affordable and go well with drinks. So you do not have to go out of budget for your party, choose these thin, insulated paper cups, that can hold the drink in them for indefinite period of time. So you can always invest that money that you saved in more drinks, more snacks for the party and party hard without worrying about destroying the planet.

If you are looking for these single wall coffee cups, they are available in multitude of colours online just a click away on your phone.