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Focal Solar Systems is found in the centre of the Gold Coast. Unlike other sun-focused companies, being a local community corporation means we can retain our focus on offering top notch sun-based force structures,solar panel installation pool warming structures, and hot water frameworks focused on sunshine. We were set up in 1978, and for over forty years we have been legitimate installers. Our responses are planned and measured expertly. They deliver the finest standard, actual surplus assets, real value and solar panel installation the best guarantee. Talking with an expert energy management master regarding your needs will bring about a superior agreement that will last longer and put aside more cash for you.

Central solar panel installation has been at the cutting edge of energy-efficient responses for over 40 years, launching itself in 1978 as a collaborative effort with Rehem called rehem Solar.

Since 1997, solar panel installation has been owned by the new organisational leader, Ray Cooper. Beam has an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering from QUT, has various postgraduate qualifications, including Renewable Energy Engineering and Market Administration, and is a qualified Clean Energy Council originator of sunlight-based force frameworks aligned solar panel installation with the framework.

For most arrangements, Focal Solar Systems oversees manufacturers. This means that the producers agree that we are here as long as possible, in addition to the producers offering us a solar panel installation with higher degree of assistance. With our customers, this is an incredible benefit!

Sun-based HYUNDAI Force Boards

To allow us to tailor frameworks for particular needs and financial strategies, we offer a selection of great inverters and solar panel installation in gold coast. Fronses, Opal Turn, Sun grow, Huawei, ABB and SMA are included.

TIGO power optimizers are used where frameworks are experienced solar panel installation or where consumers would choose to screen each specific board.We deliver premium quality German-made SOLARWATT battery storage. We sell Tesla and LG C Chem as well. We are your nearby family focused on the Gold Coast, solar panel installation claiming and running a sun-based force company. We’re launching South East Queensland and Northern NSW on the Gold Coast and in other areas.

Focal Solar Systems employs incredibly trained electrical contractors who, including Off Grid Design and Construction, are also Renewable Energy Council Certified for Grid Linked Design and solar hot water based in gold coast.

We can incorporate solar panel installation everything and stay solitary PV frameworks with batteries and board arrangements.With unmatched unwavering consistency and greatest force generation, solar panel installation, Sun Power Maxton sun-based boards are the best efficiency boards you can buy in Australia.

In comparison to ordinary boards, SunPower Performance sun-based boards demonstrate increased efficiency, solar panel installation, consistency and dependability.

SOLARWATT German-made glass on glass boards accompanies an industry-driving long-term product guarantee + long-term guarantee of execution.

  • Hi-MO X and Hi-MO 4 m Longie Superior Boards.

Superior Jingo Tiger Boards